'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley

'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley
Oil on canvas, 1440mm x 580mm

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Learning Anime Studio by Chad Troftgruben.

Learning Anime Studio by Chad Troftgruben. 
PACKT Publishing

Learning Anime Studio is an easy to follow book on how to use the features of Anime Studio for creating an animation cartoon from start to finish.

Chad Troftgruben achieves this well by his ability to simply explain how to achieve a finished animated cartoon. As in his clearly explained video tutorials on Incredible Tutorials YouTube channel, which is of the best I have come across, this book is a good addition to his work.

His helpful tips on how to begin and what you can use as additional assets for the creation of your story to the final product, make the process less daunting for animation newcomers who have a passion to make their creations come to life and create their own animated cartoons.

Although the book is for animation newcomers and hobbyists, I found that, as an animation hobbyist, a more in-depth look into the advanced futures of Anime Studio would be beneficial. I did however find that, as a user of Anime Studio Pro 10, I learnt a few tricks from this book.

I do recommend Learning Anime Studio as a good handbook to use with the software. I found that it helps one grasp the features and use of the software more easily when compared to the help menu and tutorials that accompany the software.

Review by Benjamin Mitchley
Freelance Fine artist and animation hobbyist

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