'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley

'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley
Oil on canvas, 1440mm x 580mm



Measuring with a grid

Draw a grid on the original image you want to draw. Use clear acetate if you do not want to draw the grid directly onto the original image. The image can be reduced or enlarged by increasing the grid size on the paper you are transferring the image to. Plot the outline of the image on to the drawing paper by referring to and matching up the squares of the grid on the original image.

Measuring with your eye

Closing one eye, stand in position and extend your arm out in front of you, holding your pencil to measure with your finger, the first part of the object you are drawing.

Hold the pencil to your paper and mark the measurement. Continue measuring until the whole object is plotted out on your paper.

Measuring and cross referencing

Another way of measuring with your eye is to roughly sketch the first part of the object you are drawing to the size you require. Measure this part of the object with your arm outstretched and with your finger in place, look for another part of the object which has the same or more or less the same measurement. You will now know what size to draw that part of the object by using the measurement of the first drawn part. If this is too complicated, move your easel closer or further away from the object to re-size it on your paper.
Size objects by measuring spaces between objects, in relation to other objects, as well as using marks and lines on backgrounds and surfaces as a guide to widths, heights and lengths.

Cross referencing

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