'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley

'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley
Oil on canvas, 1440mm x 580mm

My Progress Painting

The following Artworks are progress paintings

showing the process from start to finish.

'Your Image In Colour'

Oil on Canvas

The painting below is a commission painting
done in colour from a black and white photograph.

The client provides me with a range of images,
the size required, a colour scheme, and budget if necessary.
From these images and information, I provide a few
colour samples for the client to choose from.

A project like this can take up to a week or more, depending on the detail,
and an extra week for drying time.

The photograph below
was provided by the client.

The video below shows the progress

of this painting from start to finish.

The process

Assembling the stretcher.

Stretching the canvas.

Drawing and plotting the shading with charcoal.

Under-painting the background.

Under-painting the figure.

Working in layers to create depth and dimension.

Completed painting.

'Weekend at the Strand'

Oil on Canvas

This painting was done from an original photograph.

I gather my subject matter by photographing subjects
that I find interesting, and having my camera
available and ready where ever I go.

The original photograph below
was taken at the Strand in the Western Cape, South Africa.

The video below shows the painting process

of a detailed section of this painting.

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