'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley

'Pyjama Cardinal fish' by Benjamin Mitchley
Oil on canvas, 1440mm x 580mm

Set your Creativity Free

Many people say you have to have talent to become an artist. I believe we all have the talent and the ability to create, because it lies deep within us, no matter what the creative need may be. Some people may be more talented than others, but it takes just as much work for a talented creative to keep his or her creativity alive.
I believe, as a visual artist, the first step is to be able to ‘see’. One must be able to see what lies inside everything, as if you had x-ray vision. One needs to look at things more closely. Pay attention to everything around you. What does the surface, shape, colour, texture, shade and size of an object look like?
See what an object looks like from behind when standing in front of it. Use your imagination. See the skeletal and muscle structure of a figure or animal by looking at its shape and using your imagination.
Look and see objects and surroundings as if they were shapes like triangles, squares and circles. Look for shapes inside these shapes such as negative spaces. Translate what you see into shapes and use these as measuring tools, as well, to guide you towards creating correct proportions.

When looking at a surface area of a tile, wall or splash of paint, what do you see besides the colour, bumps, dents and the material it is made of? The marks can reveal another world inside an area of 1cm x1cm. This is where most of my inspiration comes from, everything around me.

A detail from my pallet.
This is a rough example of how I draw out what I see.

The detail of my pallet where 'Red hood' was born.

Red Hood

All the characters from my animation, 'Red Hood and the Dragon Dog'
are creations from my painting pallet.

Look out for my next post, 'Drawing Basics'.

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